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A theater production that moves with the times

In October 2019 a group of people from Switzerland and Lebanon met in Beirut at the hybrid cultural space “STATION”. An international collaboration between artists from different fields began as a journey into what is called “Nouvelle Nahda”. “Nahda” is Arabic and translates as “Renaissance”, “Awakening”, “Standing up”. “Nouvelle” means “new”. The group of artists discussed and shared thoughts about how the arts could influence and shape if not spark societal change. A week later, on October 17th 2019, the Lebanese protests, known as the October Revolution, began. Reality made the more radical setting. Since then the project took on many forms as it was overwhelmed by one crass event after another. The questions “Nouvelle Nahda” deals with though are more prevalent than ever. Given the actual circumstances, instabilities, impossibilities and challenges, the team from Beirut and Zurich dives into the space of possibility. “Nouvelle Nahda” is about visions, criticism, desires and dreams in a shattered world during pandemic times. It is the call for a New Renaissance, for a collective awakening to stand up as a people.